diversitybenefits.us was founded by a group of individuals with a heart for helping the
world become a better place.

We believe activating our privilege is necessary, and building allies will drive change.
This is our commitment to improving humanity and the world we live in.


Through the process of forming diversitybenefits.us, we have learned about our own biases; we all have them.It is no longer ok to keep our head down and do nothing. Using our privilege to help those around us is our mission.

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is not always an easy conversation, but necessary for change to happen. 



William Ratcliffe


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Moses Tetui


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Nick Samson


  • Ex-senior executive at Millward Brown, Mediacom, BrainJuicer.

  • Canadian, with a DEI bias for practical and positive solutions

  • Applied Psychologist with 35 years experience in consumer research

  • Co-founder of DiversityBenefits.US


  • Motivated by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of
    society by challenging structures and systems to uplift the most unheard
    voices and reduce vulnerability.

  • Over 10 years of successful stakeholder engagement working with
    marginalized groups across a range of countries.

  • Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Waterloo and senior lecturer at
    Umea University, Sweden.


  • Ex-senior executive at Provigo, Service Dimensions International, Mosaic

  • Multi-business founder including Mystery Shoppers Canada, The Retail Performance Group, BehaviorWorx, FreshFeedback

  •  Co-founder of DiversityBenefits.US