Showing a commitment to Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion has never been more important.

Employees want to see organizations take a clear and thoughtful approach to inclusion efforts. The DiversityBenefits.Us DEI Pulse allows organizations to gather feedback to inform their actions to create a more inclusive environment for all.


While gathering critical feedback, the survey also allows organizations to measure the direct impact their DEI efforts have on the engagement of their employees.

Benefits of the DiversityBenefits.Us Pulse Survey


Assess engagement levels

 as they directly relate to your organization's DEI initiatives.

Discover issues

that require immediate attention.

Gather hidden insights

through open-ended comments that allow employees to share their unique experiences.

Work with a team

dedicated to launching the survey thoughtfully with a focus on results and making a difference.

The DiversityBenefits.US Pulse Survey monitors staff perceptions of DEI at work with emphasis on organizational and personal benefits. This online anonymous survey rates organization performance, supervisor/manager emphasis on DEI, personal importance, and desired future emphasis. 

In essence, it guides your DEI and internal communications strategy with confidence.

Features & Benefits

The DiversityBenefits.Us Organizational DEI Pulse Survey

  • Online Pulse Survey available to participants on any device they chose

  • Pulse Survey completion time less than 7 minutes

  • Organizations can add up to 2 custom questions to help gather other insights regarding their organization

  • The survey process is 100% confidential and only aggregate insights will be provided

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The DiversityBenefits.Us Organizational DEI Pulse Reporting

  • Our real-time Dashboard provides you a view of the results as they come in.

  • Six built-in dashboard filters allows you to filter the data on-the-fly 

  • Complete dashboard or specific chart sharing capabilities Via email in Excel, PDF, or an Image

  • Preparation of an in-depth survey data analysis prepared in a PowerPoint report and delivered via webinar to review learnings and implications, including driver analysis. 

  • “Norms” based on other project clients (masked but shown my industry vertical

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  • Up to 1,000 employee surveys (online, all platforms, anonymous)

    • Dashboard and driver analysis including Summary & Implications Report

    • Reference measures from other leading survey clients (norms) masked


  • Costs: $9,988

    • Additional employees can be added at a cost of $1.99 per employee

  • Sampling is client controlled (no confidential data loss)

  • Timing

    • Client on-boarding & Launch – Typically 7 to 10 days

    • Data collections – Typically 14 to 21 days. Client may extend, if required

    • Analysis and Reporting – 14 to 21 days


  • Options

    • Custom PPT charting, summary, and implications.

    • Additional multivariate analysis such as Path analysis and CHAID

The DiversityBenefits.Us Organizational DEI Pulse Pricing